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I have a history of killing anything that could conceivably work out.

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I don’t go thru ppls pictures on their phone cause I wasn’t raised in the jungle

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Lake Maggiore sits between Italy and Switzerland and its stunning natural beauty needs no embellishment. However, if one was to build a house on this site, it would be obliged to be extraordinary to be an acceptable addition. This home created by architects Stefano Foni Gueli Fausto achieves this. A brave decision to choose a very modern style, but one that paid off. This home is stunning and the views onto the Swiss alps are captured from every possible aspect. (photos via Home Designing)

Walked by this home two months ago, didn’t really think much of it until it appeared on my tumblr feed.

Champagne House @ funkybuddhaclub (17.07.2014)

Literally some of the most important women in my life… Meg, Abby, & Susan.

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My pearly whites.


I just remembered how hilarious it was to watch this shit on national television.

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“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”

—   Pericles

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Anonymous said: how was switzerland? are you back in Cali now? when are you going back to london?

Switzerland was the best, so ready to go back and have some more Sprüngli Chocolate. Yup in the OC. And I’ll be back in a month. x